The robin

We drove our car with guilty stealth
lest someone see us risk our health,
risk the virus for a glimpse
of children and their children.

By my son’s drive the robin stood
and unmoved stayed, although he could
see a tire tread head his way
with piercing eye and wisdom.

I thought that he would surely fly
afraid, like me, someone  would die,
escape the germy humans
with their faulty, big machines.

I spoke my awe with words quite kind
and asked him what he had in mind.
He chirped and looked me over
and then calmly hopped away.

Today I woke with sweaty palms
and birdsong singing springtime calm,
singing peace on earth for all
God’s children and their children.

And here I stand before my tire,
a chirp, a song, a thought quite dire,
a choice to stand and listen
as the Lord produces dawn.


Maybe you’d like to hear me read it.


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