Top Ten Posts of 2022


FFF #17 — Brendon Grimshaw and his Seychelles wonder
I loved being in solidarity with the Fridays for the Future climate strikers.

The church in the rearview mirror
While on retreat I get some vision for my future that might help you move on, too.

I believe in you: I’m rarely talking about me
My 50th reunion gives me a lot to love about the community I have.

Jesus gives 5 ways to endure the shame: Kansans lead the way 
The first followers of Jesus would applaud the declarations of independence from corrupt Christianity some people are proclaiming.

Should I forgive them if they never offer an apology? 
Forgiveness is hard under all circumstances. When reconciliation is unlikely, it is even harder.

“How I Got Over:” Mahalia Jackson helps us do 2022
I have been singing with Mahalia all year. She did, indeed, help me get over.

The new movement of the Spirit takes lament, commitment, action
Time with the Jesus Collective inspires me to move with the Spirit now.

Overwhelm: The feeling and what we can do about it
The word of the year might be “overwhelm.”  Better to name it than just wear it.

Three reasons the Trump effect is not over yet
The elements of the Trump effect are not going away too soon. The wickedness has a “trickle down” impact.

In this uncertain now: Who are you Lord and who am I?
I have had a tough couple of years in a few ways. How about you? Who are you and who is God now?


1. Fridays for the Future #6 — Phoenix/Tucson the most unsustainable: It’s about water
My trip to Arizona gets me thinking about climate change

2. Why are the Post-Covid regimes so cruel?
Experiences with hurting leaders makes me wonder

3. Osheta Moore: When White Supremacy runs the stop sign
Hanging on to being the beloved.

4. The love story about God and us: Another version on Netflix
The atonement debated on the tube!

5. Jesus Collective is taking us back to the future on the “third way”
I take a stab at affirming the transcendence that make the “third way” more than a compromise.

6. Resources for Understanding and Impacting the Borderlands
My gateway to the treasure trove of resources I collected on my MCC pilgrimage to the borderlands

7. Criticism is undermining relationships like never before
One of the “four horsemen” of relationships is riding roughshod over the country.

8. Does it take too long to make a good friend?
We are a lonely bunch of people these days, aren’t we?

9. Rebuild after an affair: 4 basic nutrients for new love
My clients and friends long to keep their marriages together, but can’t see how.

10. Find your contemplation where you can
There are many ways to connect with God. No need to feel tyrannized.

Some posts from the past were read even more than 2022’s