Help me to pay attention, Jesus: The questions of Lent

I’m not sure anyone cares about a “lent.” I wish everyone did for a variety of reasons I have mentioned elsewhere [here] [here] and [here]. So let’s not talk about Lent. Let’s just talk about how hard it is to have a live relationship with God as our true selves.

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It is dawn. You’ll get there. Help us, Jesus.

One way to get over our usual blockades to deeper faith and spiritual transformation is to ask the questions we often ignore. Or maybe to listen to God’s questions, since we can strangely ignore Jesus.

Last night Katie gave us a nice litany spread out over the evening at South Broad. Each movement begged an important question. Asking the question, living with it, even living into it, can help us keep moving along our own way, along our group’s way into something really good.

What do you lean on? Can it support you?

We often lean on our family and friends, our income, and our accomplishments to remind us that we are safe and lovable. When those anchors fail us — we feel unmoored and that we are beyond help. We confess this to you, Help of the Helpless, You who do not change.

Help us to pay attention, Jesus

What is the script of your inner dialogue? Can it be disrupted?

Oh God, sometimes our doubt feels nearer to us than you do. Sometimes our guilt feels nearer to us than you do. We want to know you closer than our doubts, closer than our guilt. You stay with us, Lord, even in our darkest places.

Help us to pay attention, Jesus

What do you fear? Is there any way to redirect your anxiety?

Our hearts are near to breaking over the state of our world and how powerless we feel to change it. We’re at capacity already with the demands made of us at home and at work. Even now, we’d rather be distracted than sit in a cave considering the way we feel overwhelmed by our pilgrim journey.

Help us to pay attention, Jesus

Are you just surviving? Isn’t there somewhere to turn instead of you?

I’m recalling all those times this past week when I felt needy or lonely and despaired. We confess that most of the time we go into survival mode instead of turning to you in those moments. Both joy and sorrow belong to you, Lord, and we bring them to you.

Help us to pay attention, Jesus

Do you see the dawn coming? Isn’t every day a new opportunity?

 We have a deep feeling, even in the middle of this darkness, that we were made for the light. That we are moving towards it with you Jesus, as you moved through death to your resurrection.

Help us to pay attention, Jesus

Help me to pay attention, Lord.

I am paying attention right now, Savior.

[The basics of paying attention from Leighton Ford]

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  1. Beautiful litany. The writing clearly comes from experience with faith. Very welcoming space to let the false self burn away and return to Jesus.

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