First thoughts from Zimbabwe

I am hesitant to think that everyone cares about my travels, much less about Zimbabwe. But we are here with the BICC church members who make up our MCC workforce in the country, so it seems like there OUGHT to be some innate interest among my friends connected to the Brethren in Christ.  Now that I have my first taste, I REALLY think we should stay interested. So I have some questions:

1) Why are U.S. BIC churches so generally disengaged with MCC? Might be because we don’t know what is going on. We own an amazing relief, development and advocacy agency. I also know that some leaders  feel concerned it has “Mennonite” in the title (they could call it “mutual Christian compassion” and get over it), but in Zimbabwe it is all BIC people running things in the Matabele homeland.

2) Can we somehow get out some more info about what Circle of Hope gave $500K towards in the last five years? Just today I learned we built new schools and teachers quarters last year so kids would have a school closer than 20 miles away. We supported a transformation project that is not public knowledge that is totally inspiring. We taught people how to do conservation farming among the neediest people in one of the poorest nations on earth.  That’s just part of the first day.

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2 thoughts on “First thoughts from Zimbabwe

  1. So glad you’re posting, Rod. It means a lot to us! I hope you are able to keep doing it. It’s good that one of our own has seen the fruits of some of our gifts. Makes me want to give more. Love from south Philly!

  2. I have no good answers to your questions, Rod, but they are good questions. I too wish BIC people in the U.S. would get over the “Mennonite” in MCC’s name and simply embrace the wonderful work that is being done in our name (not to mention in the name of Christ!) all over the world, including Zimbabwe. By the way, I am traveling vicariously with you!

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