Most read posts in 2018

I think there are a lot of good writers out there these days. So I am grateful that you take the time to visit my blog. I gained a few subscribers this year, which was heartening, since I’d like to share what God gives me with whoever needs it.

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The next ten titles are my “top ten” for 2018

The Shape of Water: Enough already! – I react to the philosophy behind what was later named best picture.

The beginning of Joshua – My hope for my friend’s future.

Trump tempts Jesus-followers with the worst: revenge, lies, division – I consider our toxic political environment

A way Christians and Buddhists can be friends – Tim Geoffrion leads me to consider the Blenders, the Borrowers and the Inspired.

Give the baby a church, for Christ’s sake. – My parents did not know they were giving me an important gift when they gave me the church.

Trump is a lot like Nero, which brings me back to Paul. – My Greek pilgrimage helps me react to Jeff Sessions interpreting Romans 13

Resistance — Was it your fault or their struggle when they left the church? – Be careful with people in the church who are up against their resistance.

The Sanchi, ice sheets, the Bible: Reasons to notice the crisis in Creation – A Bible study summarized by Jesus: We are not excused from caring about what happens to our neighbor because of principle, profit or preference.

The word in the wilderness: The fruit of the isolation we fear – When I am alone, I am actually alone with God

Is it OK to use my work resources for the church or is that stealing? – We need to ask and answer good questions.

These five titles from previous years are among the most read in 2018, too.

Is God Going to Punish Me?

That feeling of obligation could be good for you (or bad)

12 Things spiritually wise people do not do.

Redux #3: Would God send Gandhi to hell? — redux

Frustration: 13 reasons people leave the church — and why you might be about to.

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