Expecting Daffodils

Gwen and I often share “psalms” with one another. She appreciated my little, Lenten, snow-day meditation, so I thought you might be able to use it, too.

When trouble comes, I will persist
in looking for a sprouting crocus.
I will stubbornly listen
for a bird singing in the cold.

And yes, I will feel a bit guilty.
I will stand before the sadness tribunal
and be judged out of order.
I will be questioned by the magistrate of misery
and have no answer for my happiness.
The logic of the law of the land will cry out
and I will again feel a bit crazy.

But You have the words of eternal life.
And though tempted by death at times,
you provide a ram.
Though slipping from my tight rope,
you catch me in your net.
Though today seems impossible,
you will come again.

I am surprised that trouble surprises me
as I am watching for daffodils.
I am absurdly unprepared
for anything but salvation.

3 thoughts on “Expecting Daffodils

  1. I love that you and Gwen write psalms, and this one is precious. “I am surprised that trouble surprises me.” I am waiting for daffodils and find comfort in knowing that they will come, some day soon.

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